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Surrender can mean many things to many people, even animals. In this fictional story, a religious fairy tale satire about a Sasquatch named PoBo, we learn what it can mean on many different levels. On one level, he is displaced from his family at a young age amid a war initiated by humans. But with an unyielding spirit to be reunited with his kin--and with music being his best motivator, at least at first--the hairy bachelor decides to set off on a dangerous quest to find them. He knows the journey will be fraught with danger because he knows he and his family are on the endangered list, a constant struggle to survive.  But like an adage he once read in a book, "nothing ventured, nothing gained," he is steadfast to not give up on his goal.


Fortunately, and unexpectedly, he gets some assistance from two animals, one of whom is far bigger in his faith than his physical size. PoBo encounters many obstacles along the way, and his own faith is tested repeatedly as time runs out to fulfill his quest. What he at first thinks is the true meaning of his journey becomes redefined as a desperate yearning to achieve 3 things: faith, family and love.


When we're broken and realize we are not in complete control, it's time to surrender





Book 2, Riveting Short Fiction Series

I created this book so you can immerse yourself in short fiction, namely flash fiction and poetry. 


Embark on a new journey and enjoy some of the many forms of poetry (haiku, traditional, confessional, etc.) and prose inside book 2 of the Riveting Short Fiction Series.

Begin your journey today!


Magniicant Book 1 Chris Baum.jpg
Magnificent - a prequel to Surrender

Q, a powerful alien held prisoner in Area 51. Mel, a young woman with telepathic powers. One chance to save the world from ruin.  

“Power to the people!” A Rise Up & Resist movement is in full swing, threatening to take down the establishment. But there’s far more to this revolution than just protest. A sinister force has an even darker agenda.

It may all come down to Q, just now fully understanding his powers here on earth, and Mel, a young, adventurous and powerful clairvoyant. Can they work together to stop the world from collapsing?  

Magnificent is a gripping prequel to Surrender in the inspirational sci-fi series. If you like fast-paced action, engaging dystopian, and clashing spiritual forces, then you’ll love the latest installment in Chris Baum’s page-turning series.

Buy Magnificent for the latest adventure today!

Out of Darkness: Twists & Turns 

Book 1, Riveting Short Fiction Series

Consumed by darkness. Determined to live. A struggle to survive.

As you pass through the pages of this magical portal of a book containing a cross-genre of many fictional stories, each one will take you on a unique journey. You will discover a wide variety of fiction in its many forms (flash fiction, short stories, a novelette and poetry), and sometimes observe the ways in which people face their demons.

Each character-driven story encompasses actions and reactions triggered by lies, regret, sorrow, sweet revenge, joy, pride, love etc. Some feel defeated by life's trials and tribulations, yet are fueled by a burning desire to overcome their fear. Can those feeling trapped escape the darkness like a phoenix rising?

Out of darkness: Twists & Turns is book 1 of the Riveting Short Fiction Series. If you like action with quick results, unpredictable plots, and a feeling of being transported to a better place and time, then you’ll love the first installment of Chris Baum’s page-turning series.

1000p front cover.jpg
My wife's children's book- WHEELS: WHAT IS A VIRUS?  

Book 1, Tractor Adventure Series

Wheels is a young, curious tractor, and Wheels has a lot of questions. 


One question he is curious about is, "Can I get a virus?" 


Farmer Tom, his owner, answers his questions the best he can. 

Buy WHEELS for the latest adventure today!

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